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[IP] Meter readings of drinks...

Sam Skopp wrote:
> At 07:08 AM 1/9/1999  ellen wrote:
> >just for ha ha's, tested a drop of my favorite sugar free flavored coffee
> >syrup the kind you find in coffee shops on a sure step strip... label
> >0 COH and everything else... strip registered 101!!!!!! wow!! sugar free
> >isn't really sugar free!!!! thought that this syrup was safe...
> Since these strips are designed to measure blood, not syrup, I wonder how
> accurate of a reading you are getting.

As Sam (and many others) pointed out, since the strips are calibrated to
read blood they're not really telling you anything useful.  It's the color
change on, say, the back of a One-Touch strip, that's useful.  If you put
Diet Coke on a strip, there IS a SLIGHT color change, mostly due to the
caramel color of the coke on the white paper.  But put regular Coke on it,
and you get an immediate change to dark purple/black.

Also, just because I'm a geek and HAVE to point things like this out, even
if the strip WERE correctly reading the sugar content, 101 is actually very
little sugar.

Meters read milligrams of sugar per deciliter of blood.  So, that 101
reading means the meter thinks there's 0.101 grams of sugar per deciliter of

There are 10 deciliters per liter.  So, you could drink a 1 liter bottle of
that syrup and have consumed roughly 1 gram of sugar -- that's pretty much
sugar free in my book...

And that's assuming the 101 were an even remotely accurate number in the
first place.


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