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Subject: Re: [IP] Reluctant backside users

I've seen some comments before about tape coming loose on infusion sites.  Jenna uses the upper buttocks area for Tenders, and has never had the tape come loose.  Her bottom was getting a little sore, so over Christmas break, we switched back to abdominal sites for 2 weeks, and found that the tape crinkled up and came loose way more than on the hip, which just doesn't bend as much.  She's never knocked one out with her pants, and in fact, does gymnastics with the infusion set in her hip, and has never knocked one out with that, either.  I recommend it!  I hadn't thought about how she'd get it there on her own, since I still put in sites, but when the time comes, I bet she'll twist around and figure it out.
Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom