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[IP] RE: By all means

Bonnie wrote:
Buddy and Michael:
Since my oatmeal is good for me in other respects, fiber, cholestral
lowering, filling, and brain food, I prefer to up my bolus to control the
highs.  However, I may switch slowly to tea instead of the coffee with
coffeemate.  Kind of a compromise, but one I prefer.  Thank goodness for
variety in people and life.
    By all means cope with your problem. That is the grand thing about being on the pump you can cope. I just stopped eating breakfast because it was easy for me and I really needed to lose some weight. I found it much easier to do than I would ever thought. I have lost some pounds and like today don't eat much luch if any. I really need to reverse my schedule and eat a good breakfast and lunch and forgo the meals at bedtime. That will be my next project.
    Have your oatmeal, you can handle it just take a closer look at the carb content. Good luck.
Buddy Barber
email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!