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Re: [IP] how much insulin is too much?

    Explanations notwithstanding, it's still important for YOU to communicate
to your endo the MISinformation his nurse is conveying to patients.  There are
probably others who might not be as knowledgeable as you & would have taken
her word as gospel!!!
    By the way, I am thrilled to see you taking full advantage of this website
while you're away at school- getting instant input from other pumpers when
issues arise.  I told my 16 yr old daughter (10th grader) about you & said she
could do the same when she goes away to college.....She gave me her usual
"dream response" of "oh, I won't have to deal with diabetes & college
together"...I told her I hoped her message had gone from her mouth to G-d's
ears.....but sadly, the "cure for the 90s" that was being touted when she was
diagnosed in 1992 seems like an overly optimistic projection.

Regards, Renee
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