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[IP] Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,  I am back after taking a month off to celebrate the holidays.
BTW, isn't it amazing how overeating, overdrinking, underexercising,
undertesting BGs can mess up your diabetes control?  I am back to a more
normal lifestyle and everything seems to be falling in place.  I had to delete
hundreds and hundreds of emails due to the incredible numbers.  However, I did
see that there are MANY new members.  
To all of you who are thinking about getting a pump, I want to tell you this.
ALL of my complications from diabetes have disappeared since I went on the
pump 2.6 years ago.  These include:  
1.  Mild Retinopathy from my 2nd pregnancy 16 years ago.
2.  Almost normal 24-hr. urine protein (it is still a little above normal)
3.  No more Neuropathy in my feet.  This is wonderful!
4.  No more Neuropathy or Trigger finger in my hands (I attribute this to
     but especially to lots of exercise, especially running)
5.  And last but not least, over the holidays, my hypoglycemia unawareness is
     I started feeling all those little sensations that I have not felt in a
long time.
I must say that I think I am a pump success case.  I encourage anyone on the
fence (to pump or not to pump) to go for it.  Good luck.  ellen
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