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Re: [IP] Accutek Advantage

frances richardson wrote:
> I just put a strip in my meter and when it was ready I put a drop of my
> coffee, with nutrasweet and coffemate thoroughly mixed in and waited for the
> "beep".  That is when I got the "hi" (over 600) indication.  How should I
> have done it?

The effect on a test strip as measured in a glucose meter depends on 
certain conditions:

1. That you are checking the color difference between whole blood and whole
containing some amount of glucose mixed with a chemical on the strips surface.
When glucose hits the chemical it results in a proportional change toward 
purple from the original red.

2. The test is done in a certain temperature range. 

3. The change in color is darkening the sample toward purple.

So, when you put the brown coffee, which happens to contain both compoonents of
color purple, on the test strip your machine will definitely give a high result,
ONLY because the color scheme is wrong, and too dark besides.

Please understand that thie test can't be done qualitatively, it only shows
a reaction between the coating and sugar, so it must be possible to see the
change, but by eye, NOT machine.

It's meant to show if someone got the wrong soda or whatever, not specifically
how much of it, which is a much harder test to standardize for all possible

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/