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[IP] re: traveling

	I've recently returned from a southern Africa trip with my pump & just want
to share with those who were inquiring about travel.  Despite an entire
month of travel through third world countries where not ONE soul had *EVER*
seen an insulin pump, I did not experience an ounce of difficulty!  I did
travel with a letter from my physician, and was asked for it only once, in
the most metropolitan of places in fact (Johannesburg, South Africa).   In
almost every airport, I was always politely asked to remove "my phone"...
and upon explanation that it was "for diabetes"... and "delivering
medication to me", I was waved through security without issue.  In fact, my
pump always attracted lots of interest & excitement about diabetes care
elsewhere in the world.
	In the remotest of airports (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe... where they have
one woman employed to kill the beetles with a mop.  I kid you not, that's
her job! *lol*) - the X-ray security guard was himself a diabetic & when I
began my explanation of my "phone", he yelled in Shona tribal tongue to two
other women officers across the one-room airport.  Of course, I began to
panic (I don't know Shona!)... to scramble for my letter (My GOD(!) - it's
not in *SHONA*!!)... trying desperately to look all sweet & innocent ;)...
Turns out - he excitedly wanted me to show them too!  All three of them also
had diabetes, 2 of them insulin-dependent.  We had a wide-eyed and amazed
"intro to pumping" lesson right there in the airport.... with the "bug
lady", mop in hand, staring over their shoulders at all the excitement.
*lol*   My pump made me ALOT of friends in airport terminals throughout
southern Africa!!   May you have just as much fun & ease in your travels.


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