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Re: [IP] Reluctant backside users

> I've tried the backside area a few times on Kayla, even though she
> hated the idea, and each time was not good.  A few things happened. 
> She kept forgetting it was there and would irritate the site pulling
> her pants up and down. 

Hmmm...... the site should be selected so the pants don't really 
touch it.

The area where the waste slims a little, above the curvey part of the 
buttocks, there is a small area that is usually free from contact at 
the edge or just below the panty line (non-bikini). You get a swath 
to use the runs from almost the hip inwards toward the middle of the 
back. It's only a couple of inches on a small person, but has a nice 
pad of flesh that is not directly over muscle. As Kasey says, this 
gets very small for a child, but would be interested in knowing if 
experimentation with this area works. Are you using Tenders/equiv?


Michael <email @ redacted>
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