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Re: [IP] New area for infusion sets

> I've
> been using my buttocks now for about one month and have seen a big
> difference in my basal rates (.01 - .02 lower). I never even
> considered using this area before. However, this presents a small
> problem if I want to rotate between my abdomen and buttocks. Do any
> of you rotate between areas which absorb insulin differently?

Lily rotates her sets from front to back. She uses Tenders in back, 
Sof-sets in front. Initially, she noticed a difference in the 
absorption, but after a couple of weeks it went away???? I suspect 
the spots she used in front were "tired" after years of use. There no 
longer appears to be any difference in absorption between the front 
and back sites.

> Also,
> I have gotten two or three occlusion alarms during the past month.

The set is probably inserted to deep, close to muscle tissue or over 
tissue that moves. When using the 'backside' it is important to put 
the set in a spot where the underlying tissue does not move in the 
normal course of walking or running. Take a look at yourself nude in 
a mirror and note how the muscle tissue moves in the "spot" you 
intend to use and avoid those areas where you can see movement below 
the "spot". Lily had problems with this for a while until she moved 
the set a little higher away from the muscle structure in the butt. 
She works out almost every day so it was pretty easy to find this out 


Michael <email @ redacted>
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