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Re: [IP] Reluctant backside users

I've had similar problems.  I either pull the set out when I go to the
bathroom in a hurry (sliding jeans down) or I rub it against my book bag and
eventually dislodge it.  I get bruising it when I lie on my side at night
too.  Sounded like such a good idea but the 3 times I've tried have been

Kasey Sikes wrote:

> >
> > There are many pumpers who use the Tender/Comfort/Silohuettes in
> > their backside area, including lots of kids.
> I've tried the backside area a few times on Kayla, even though she hated
> the idea, and each time was not good.  A few things happened.  She kept
> forgetting it was there and would irritate the site pulling her pants up
> and down.  And I found that her numbers were usually higher than when we
> use the stomach.  Then the site would not last as long as usual.
> I would like some feedback from other backside users.  Kayla's so little
> that her stomach has limited sites.  I'd like to use the backside more,
> but out experience has not been good.
> Kasey
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