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Re: [IP] * From: "Brian Carter" <email @ redacted

Is this the area you are talking about?
=====  this is kinda hard to explain but i'll give it a whirl ;-).. ok try
this put the heal of your hand in the small of your back (or on your waiste
band of your pants i never go below say around the tips of the finger, but i
do use the whole top and middle portion and most of the cheak (giving a good
alowance for the "Crack".)
>Some people
>have mentioned using a metal needle,

I use both the steel and soft needles but have noticed more kinking of the
infusion sets (only like 1 out of 20 or so), also on occations i have also
had the steel one hit a muscle but seldom, for me they both are
uncunfortable (depends on my mood).  But i think it would be a good gamble
just to try it... if it doesn't work out (i'd give it a couple of times) you
can always take it out and forget those sites for awhile..

Brian Carter

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