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[IP] Re: IEP"S

I usually just "lurk" here on the mailing list, but I felt I needed to share
the following.
The IEP regualions are changing within the next year or so.(at least here in

According to our special education director(and I cofirmed with our state"s
department of education), diabetes is not allowed SOLELY to set up IEP's. You
can attach an Individual Health Care Plan(similar to an IEP but set up through
the health office and your endo) to an EXISTING IEP. The new regulations for
IEP's now state that the goals on that IEP have to be education specific.
Health related issues do not apply.

Our special ed director, along with our special needs advocate, both suggested
the following route:
1.) Set up an individual health care plan(IHCP) with your school nurse(or
health office coordinator). BE VERY SPECIFIC. Ours even has personal
instruction sheets about where Chric tests, who is to help him with his pump,
not going to the nurse's station alone EVER, etc...This document needs to be
signed by the school district's physician, along with your endo, so anything
written in it is considered a doctor's order. School nurses will need to
comply or risk losing their nursing license.

2.) If your child already has an EXISTING IEP for educational purposes, then
you can attach a copy of the IHCP to the IEP as an additional safeguard, but
you cannot write classroom specifc goals related to health conditions within
an IEP.

3.) If the above tactics don't work, then set up a 504 plan, in addition
to(not in repacement of) the IHCP. This forces your school distict to comply
or lose federal funding.

Call your state board of education, they can give you the name of your
region's special needs advocate. They'll attend any meeting with you and are
there for the benefit of you and your child. Its free and , at least where we
live, seems to bear as much weight wih school systems as threatening a

Mom to chris, age 8, dx'd at 4 and pumping sicne aug, 98
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/