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[IP] Healing up after surgery (long)

I'm baaack, finally have my computer working so that it doesn't kick me off when it feels like it.  And it's nice to be able to communicate on the board again :o}
Last time I talked it was about after my kinesiologist treatment.  It did help me alot, but alas the shoulder did not get better enough, or fast enough for the job.   I elected to allow them to operate on the 5th of Jan.  (I was still holding out for that miracle healing)   I have been having a difficult time keeping the tests down,  not too sure how much to increase the dosage for meals......basals seem to be fine, but every time I eat what normally took 3.5 units for a meal before it now sends my tests toward the sky!  I am doing alot more testing.   I will be happy when I can raise my arm again.   What the doc said was going to be only 1/2 to 1" cut turned out to be 4 to 5 cuts completely around my shoulder?   I think there are more in the back, and in the arm pit so that is why I'm not sure of how many cuts I received.   I will ask him for certain next week when he is removing them.   I had what was called a complete decompression?  funny I never felt bloated.   I guess the damage was more extensive than he believed when he was in there looking.   I know it hurt before, but the pain now is really bad.  I have started PT already too.  I want my shoulder back.   I am very grateful for the pump, it worked like a trooper.  That morning I was 107 for surgery, and for some reason the anathesiologist decided to give me a glucose drip, even though I had asked not to have it when I went in for my pre op with the nurse 4 days before.   I ended up with a 388 in recovery which did not make my day, and then had to bolus down which was difficult on account of dealing with the stress of the whole ordeal.   Sarah, you are so right about working with the medical staff, I wish I would have had you there as my backup since they put me out so fast I didn't get to open my mouth.  I was high the rest of the day until bedtime when I reached 160.   
It seems if I can get my mornings in without going high, the rest of the day stays good, but I have to up my bolus for breakfast almost double.   I just worried that it is going to change back, on a day I won't be expecting it to. Test test test. that is all I can do.
Say do they still sell that urine test-tape in the little green dispenser?  Who carries it?  That would be perfect for testing diet pop from the restaurants and such.TTYL LaurieB