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Using the thigh, was: Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #719

Kathy Batson wrote:

>My 10 year old daughter wears a mini-med pump in her thigh.  She is to thin
>to wear it in her stomach area.  (It hit a nerve, even using the silhoutte
>infusion set, when we tried.)  A mini-med rep I spoke with once did not
>think this was a good location for good, even, absorbtion.

For most pumpers, the best absorption is in the abdomen area. The second
best spot is in the backside, higher up, towards the waist line. The least
desirable spot for most is the thigh. (I understand that this varies among
users - YMMV).

>My question, does anyone else where the pump in their thigh and do they have
>good sugar control?  Our endo has talked to my daughter about wearing it on
>her back side, but she does not want to.  Thank you.

I'm thin and find my thighs to be a problem, even with Tenders (equivalent
to the Silhouette). I can't picture a thin person using the SofSet there
with good results / comfort. When I've used my thigh, I found abortion to
be slower, so post meal BGs were more erratic. When bolusing for a meal, it
took longer for the bolus to "kick in" and the timing was less predictable.
My basals seemed o.k. though. I also tend to bend the cannula more often in
my thigh, due to the amount of muscle I have there.

I agree with your endo about trying the buttocks for the infusion site. One
suggestion is to try a different set in the upper outer quadrant of the
buttocks. I'm currently wearing a set by Disetronic called the "Rapid", in
this area. The Rapid is a metal needle, which inserts at a 90 degree angle
to the skin surface. This particular one I'm using is a 6 mm. needle. A lot
of thin pumpers report this to be a very comfortable set. They don't hurt,
I find the absorption in this area to be good, and very important, this
location lets me rest my abdomen area. The Rapids work quite well with
MiniMed pumps, so there should be no problem there. The trade offs for me:
1) changing every two days, since it is a metal needle: 2) needing some
gymnastics skills to insert the set in this location; 3) sometimes poor
absorption if I'm sitting on my butt in my office all day.

Bob Burnett

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