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Re: [IP] USED meter strips???

Ted Quick wrote:
> Michael Maturen wrote:
> >
> > Your best best is to use the urine glucose dipsticks.  They are less
> > expensive, and you don't need to add a reading to the memory of your
> > meter, which will throw your data off (if you use the data mgt
> > functions).
> I think you misunderstood something here. The strips have already been used
> for blood testing, and testing soda is done visually using unused areas on
> the BACK of the strips. My Profile wouldn't accept a used strip in any case.

Yep...I DID miss something...sorry.  I thought you were talking about
using a fresh strip and a meter for testing. 

In the case you are describing, ONLY the old technology strips will work
(ie those that read color change).  Strips that use electrodes like the
Glucometer Elite, do not change colors, and therefore will not work for
this purpose.

Another good idea is to watch the servers folks fill the cup.  If you
are not sure, or can't see, ASK them if they are sure it is diet. 
Explain that you have diabetes and that it is important that you are
certain.  This does TWO things...makes them think about what they've
given you (they will usually give you a fresh cup if they aren't
positive), and it will cause them to pay closer attention in the future
when someone orders a diet drink.

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