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Re: [IP] Strip Testing Stuff

At 05:55 PM 1/8/1999  frances richardson wrote:
>I was just blown away about the discussion on testing coke on your meter
>test strips - I had been having a problem with mid morning unexplained highs
>- after a bowl of oatmeal at 6:30 am, coffee with nutrasweet and "sugar
>free" coffeemate.  Tested my coffee the next day and it was over 600 - the
>meter just said "hi".  I checked my manual and that said a bg of over 600.
>Either the sugar free coffeemate is not sugar free or the nutrasweet
>registered as sugar.  Not sure but am going to test a mixture of the
>sugarfree coffeemate with water in the morning and see what happens.  I
>never thought of testing stuff on a test strip.  Once again, this group is
>giving me a better education than all the doctors in the universe can give
>me about pumping insulin.  Who thought of that anyway??? THANKS!!! will let
>you know what I find out tomorrow. 

Read the ingredients carefully... it may not have "sugar", but I'll bet it
has a lot of other things that behave the same way... like dextrose,
lactose (or anything else ending in "ose"). Labels are your best defense. 

Like, have you noticed that the fat-free or low-fat products have a lot
more carbs than the regular stuff? They are really sneaky... they take out
one thing and add back something else.

(If there's no free lunch... how about dinner?)

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