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Re: [IP] Compensation for protein

At 04:49 PM 1/8/1999  Gina Walteamth wrote:
>how much protein is safe to take without covering with insulin?? In
>looking at my counter, it doesnt look like a lot of the proteins need to
>be covered with a bolus.  My daughter loves cheese.  So far she has been
>able to take 2-3oz at a time without raising her sugars.  what do other
>people do to cover proteins??

Each person is different... so there is no universal rule of thumb that can
be readily used. Proteins can raise the BG level for many people. Cheese
also contains fat, which for some people raises blood sugar over a much
longer period of time. The bottom line is: don't be afraid to experiment a
little. Try it, see what happens and then learn what you need to do to
compensate (if anything). The pump is a wonderful tool for doing this. If
your BG levels stay within a reasonable range, then all is well... if not
and you need to bolus a little (or a lot), then you'll soon learn what is


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