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[IP] Re: Clip Case


The "Clip Case" is a new product from Disetronic.  I like
(or want to like) it because it is a hard plastic case. 
This make me think it will better protect my pump from daily
life.  The clip on this product is rotatable, thereby
enabling you to orient the pump however you would like.  


James, I use the clip case exclusively.  However, there are
between the one Minimed makes and the one from Unique
accessories.  The
Unique one is of higher quality, most notably, the actual
clip is much more
secure than the one from Minimed.  Minimed really made a
cheap copy of the
        I also have started making my own clip cases to even
optimize things.  The biggest change i have made is to make
the case a
little bit longer, so that the tubing connector now stays
completely within
the case.  With only the thin tubing coming out, I rout it
behind the clip,
and with the tubing now pretty much out of sight, it looks
even more like a
page or cell phone.  If anyone is interested I'll send the
pattern and
sewing instructions.   (However, I still haven't yet found a
source for the
secure plastic clips that Unique uses---my local fabric
store only sells
the cheap one Minimed uses."
- -wm>>>
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