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Re: [IP] how much insulin is too much?

Thanx for responses, my bg is now 75, and I'm feeking better.  My mom 
was worried cuz she's heard that bringing down a high too fast can cause 
brain swelling. . .
I do use 1U H/25bg points.  it worked for today, and i have no ketones 
now. . .I don't know what they were when I was at 550 cuz I was in 
school, and when I got home my bg was 250 and I had small ketones.  My 
mother talked to someone at the doc's office who said to go into the 
hospital anytime over 300, which I think is a bit extreme.  We haven't 
gotten to talk to my doc yet.  I think it was caused by a cold I've had 
for a few weeks, a docongestent, and one of the diabetes 'devils'.  
Anyway, thanks again.

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