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Re: [IP] how much insulin is too much?

I think you should take more. With a 550 you may have ketones which requires
some extra insulin. But I'm changing my ideas. In the past I would have taken
lots probably gotten a reaction. But with the pump it is easier to be more careful
and take just what is needed. Maybe your mom meant it was way too much
but not to take less rather to keep your BG below 550 to begin with. Did the
16 units work? I'm funy somtimes I take what I think will bring me back down
and it doesn't. Feel stupid, I do very often. But feeling stupid shows how much
we want to be good.
PS. I have at times gone ,"oh the hell 30 units" bang "maybe I can eat soon
but thats what insulin's for." And its never seemed to be a problem except
for too frequent mild low BGs.

+Can anyone help me with how much insulin is too much to be taken at one 
+time, ie bg of 550--I would take 16U of H to bring this down to 150, but 
+is that too much too fast?  I did this while at school(some med has 
+raised bg), and my Mom says she thinks it was way too much and she's 
+calling my endo now and we should get a reply soon.  I feel really 
+stupid. . .

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