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Re: [IP] how much insulin is too much?

Heather Bannister wrote:
> Can anyone help me with how much insulin is too much to be taken at one
> time, ie bg of 550--I would take 16U of H to bring this down to 150, but
> is that too much too fast?  

I've seen a recommendation that an injection should be no more than 
7 units at a time so that the insulin doesn't stay pooled under the skin, 
which slows down it's effect. This was NOT aimed at pumpers, but likely still
holds true. Suggest you bolus 7 units or less, allow an hour or 2, then repeat
until ou get the total you need. It should result in the high being lowered 
somewhat faster without any whiplash later from the insulin.

I did this while at school(some med has
> raised bg), and my Mom says she thinks it was way too much and she's
> calling my endo now and we should get a reply soon.  I feel really
> stupid. . .

No, I dont believe you are anything like stupid, you came here to ask 
for help, and that's SMART, OK?

Incidentally your endo may or may not have a good answer for this, many
wouldn't know.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/