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Re: [IP] Coming down from high and Lispro

>         But we are talking about stability of the insulin protein.  Surely
> if you have bacteria growing in the bottle this will do it in.  But there
> got at least 6 months, and at room temp, certainly one month.  Be careful
> about statisticians.  Who was it who said something comparing "lies, lies,
> and damn statistics."
> - -wm

What on earth are you talking about Wayne? Everyone's mouth and nose are
teeming with bacteria  - some of it good, some of it bad. I then cough
in the vicinity of the insulin bottle, and a tiny particle of saliva
containing bacteria lands on the rubber seal. I then place my needle in
the tiny pool of saliva, and by surface tension the fluid is drawn
inside the needle. I then push the needle though the rubber cap, and the
first thing I do is inject the air into the bottle, thus forcing the
saliva and bacteria into the bottle. That's why there are disinfectant
compounds in the bottle, to kill the bacteria I introduce.

That more or less describes the real world I live in. Perhaps you wear a
surgical mask when injecting! But when I was on MDI, my insulin bottles
were usually filthy since I kept them in my pocket. Lilly know that
people use their products in the real dirty world, not in the sterile
room of a lab, so it seems perfectly sensible to provide a more limited
guarantee (ie 1 month) once the product has been opened, so to speak.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics was probably Churchill... and if not
him, Mark Twain or Woodey Allen at least. Anyhow, I assure you it was
oratory not fact! :)

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