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Re: [IP] Everybody read this!!!

At 10:21 AM 1/8/1999  Shari Fisher wrote:
>Yes, while I do agree with this, it would be helpful if everyone would post
>a small portion of the post they are responding to.  Because this is not in
>a newsgroup, it makes it difficult to follow what you are responding to if
>the entire message is deleted.
>Which brings me to a point.  Because of the vast volume of posts here, this
>would be best suited in a newsgroup, not by email.  It would make all ISP's
>a little bit more happy than to deal with hundreds of emails a week.

Of course the problem with a newsgroup, unless it is closely moderated, is
that it is open to anyone. Based on a few newsgroups I've been involved
with, you see all sorts of commercial posts (SPAM and porno sites),
flame-wars and lots of other off-topic stuff that you won't see here. I
don't know how a moderated newsgroup would work, since I've never
(knowingly) been a part of one.

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