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[IP] IEP's

Kasey Sikes wrote:
> Just make sure you don't sign it until all of your concerns are
> addressed to your satisfaction.  It cannot be approved if you don't
> agree to it.  And guess what?  It has to updated every year!  So you get
> to do this again at the end of the school year for NEXT year!

On the other hand, be sure you DO achieve something that you CAN sign --
if you refuse to sign an IEP at all, then the school can then say you
were uncooperative and use it as an excuse to do NOTHING!

I think you should also ask if there is a distinction between an IEP for
special education -- which is for kids with learning problems -- and an
individualized medical care plan -- which is what your daughter REALLY
needs. I wouldn't want to see her labeled as learning-disabled if she's

Good luck! 

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