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Re: [IP] The LATEST - laura and the principal...

Sherri lynn,
Good luck with an IEP written by school officials...Along with the diabetes my
son has CP and a degenerative disease in his hip,this year I was unable to
attend his IEP meeting .They said it would be no problem; everything would
stay the same......HA HA HA!!!! They cancelled his physical therapy,tried to
change his school placement and were entertaining the idea of throwing him in
special ed[self contained].I've spent the first 4 months of school trying to
straighten this mess out.Now that we are starting on insulin pump in 1 week
I've called for a meeting of all staff who have contact with either of my IDDM
kids.I went right from the principles office to the school district offices to
let them know that we will be having this meeting and my kids will be in
school the day after we start insulin pumps [the nurses were trying to get me
to keep the kids home for a couple of months with a school supplied tutor!]
I wish you well with your childs IEP!!!          Doreen
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