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[IP] Back and happy

Hello everyone!
I have been out of the "loop" trying to adjust my new pump it has not
been quite a month yet but my numbers are dropping all over. So far my
insulin usage has decreased by about 8% and it may continue as I get my
bolus and basels down better. I did not have an easy transition as some
others do my numbers ran very high 400-500 the first few days and going
off the NPH and Lente almost me landed me in emergency but that is all a
bad memory now :0). In the past three weeks I have not been in the 300
or 400 range at all , this was a common occurrence before pumping. I
have had two extreme lows (28,36) but we are working on that now. I do
have many basels (6) for now and that will probably increase, this is
most likely due to my other illness which does affect my liver, so sugar
output is not as stable.
Right now my after meal BG is low 200 and 4 hour reading is mid 100,
this was never attainable on MDI. These numbers do need to come down but
I have been told to wait until my basels are set then we will work on
basel. So far the only draw back is when I get a 2 hour after reading
below 180 it has only represented a precursor to a low. I don't know if
this will change but I hope so.
I went in so informed because of this list in large part so Thank you
very much

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