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Re: [IP] USED meter strips???

At 04:03 PM 1/8/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Your best best is to use the urine glucose dipsticks.  They are less
>expensive, and you don't need to add a reading to the memory of your
>meter, which will throw your data off (if you use the data mgt


You don't need to use your meter to test soda.  Use a previously used test
strip.  I'm not sure if all brands will work or not.  The One Touch test
strips have a wide testing surface on the back of the strip.  There will be
two areas available to the side of the drop of blood that are still usable
for testing sodas.  Just place a drop of the soda on the BACK of the strip
(don't dunk the used strip in the drink, yuck!).  If it has sugar in it, it
will turn dark purple.

Mary Jean

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