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Re: [IP] Coming down from high and Lispro

Welcome back John.  Wedded bliss doesn't seem to have changed you very
much.   Now there's yet another someone out there (in addition to my kids)
who challenges all the intelligent things I post :-)
	But we are talking about stability of the insulin protein.  Surely
if you have bacteria growing in the bottle this will do it in.  But there
is nothing in air that will degrade it.  Also even "crap" will not normally
degrade the protein.  Yes if I were in my shop and dropped some paint
thinner on the cap before sticking the needle in, the solvent might degrade
the insulin, but I don't think any of us are that dirty when we do our
stuff.  Even a reused needle doesn't have any bacteria on it.  Temperature
is the biggest thing to be concerned about, but again in the fridge, you've
got at least 6 months, and at room temp, certainly one month.  Be careful
about statisticians.  Who was it who said something comparing "lies, lies,
and damn statistics."

<<<<<<<<<From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
> Now Bob, that is really weird!  You mean just popping off  the cap of a new
> bottle makes it degrade faster?  How does the insulin know?  Or is it
> sticking a sterile needle into the rubber?   I think maybe that that
> pharmacist might have been doing some experimenting with some of the stuff
> on his shelves prior to talking with you *S*.  Or maybe he was having a
> hypo.

Greetings again :)
This is all a numbers game: up until the moment you start using a
bottle, Lilly (or whoever) have absolute control over everything that
goes into the bottle. So they can statistically calculate a rough life
expectency. Once you start using it, you're injecting air containing all
sorts of muck and possibly using a reused needle. There will also be
crap and germs all over the rubber seal which may get through on the
point of the needle. There are preservatives in the insulin to deal with
most of this, but at this point the Lilly statisticians say they can't
legally guarantee the insulin beyond 30 days, since they have no control
over the impurities getting in. But it's certainly a great way to boost
consumption. I've no doubt the insulin stays just fine for months.


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