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Re: [IP] Type 2 and pumps

Aloha and Thanks:

This is the 1st email I have viewed/received regarding a pump being used 
by a type II. I informed my Doc of Intermal Med and he was excited. How 
did it change your control? Any problems?


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>Jan wrote
>>Gee, those type 1s get to have *all* the fun!
>>Who says pumps are only for type 1s? I'm a type 2 and *I'm* on a pump. 
>>course, it took me six months to talk my endo into it. (His first 
>>was, "But you're a type 2.") I was on 5-6 shots of Humalog and NPH a 
day. IMO,
>>if you have diabetes and if you're taking insulin, it doesn't matter 
>>"type" you are. A pump offers a lot more freedom, flexibilty and 
>I agree with you.  Unfortunately this man's doctor does not.  He is 
>for some type 2 resources, who are on the pump, which is why I posted
>If anyone is willing to talk to this man and let him know how you got a
>pump and what you think about it, please let me know by private e-mail 
>I will pass your message/address along.  Right now he only has my 
>that type 2's can use a pump, which is worth zip to his doctor.
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