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[IP] Travel to UK

 Dear Jul-

Hey I am going on a trip to Ireland in February!!  I will be there for 2 weeks at the end of the month.  I usually get to Europe once a year.  This will be my first time on the pump.  I plan to bring a letter of medical necessity from my Dr. just in case there are questions, but mostly I am really PUMPED (excuse the pun) to go over there with it.  The first time I flew to Europe (using R and N insulin injections) I had a TERRIBLE time with my bg's because of the time change and all of the food they give you on the plane trip over.  The last time I went I was on Humalog and N insulin injections and it was a LOT better, because I gave myself a small shot before each meal, but the NPH was still hard to regulate.  NOW......I am in total control of how much insulin I get at every moment (AND I don't have to get up and around people to get to the bathroom to get a shot!!!)   Hope you have a great time!


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