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[IP] getting my Web page up and running

Just to let everyone know that I am trying to get my first web-page up and
running.. I am making it part of 2  diabetes web rings ,, I am also hoping
to get some stories about your first few days/nights on the pump, things you
don't miss about shots, and "horror stories" about what has happened to you
or family that are diabetics like the COKE incidents, and also Funny
confrontations (like what Kayla's response was to the nosey woman at McD's).

Also i would like to get a ICQ list going for my page also (if you would
like it out in the open)

I would also like to get likes to other web pages of diabetics.

Brian Carter
email @ redacted
ICQ# 27217438

P.s. and please let me know if i can use your FIRST name only after your
stories and other contrabutions..

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/