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[IP] The LATEST - laura and the principal...

Hi guys,

I just had to write and tell you the latest in our continuing saga of Diabetes
vs the school principal.  Today the principal called me and said that he
wanted me to know that  they were writing a Medical IEP for Laura and we would
be notified shortly of the date when we could come in for the meeting.  I said
" are you referring to the 504 IEP?"  He then said that it was NOT being
written up under a 504 but rather as a medial nesessity IEP.  I asked if this
could be discussed at the meeting as i still didn't fully understand this and
he said of course.  He wanted to go quickly i could tell so he then said when
the IEP was written we would be notified and we could come in. I asked WHO was
writing the IEP and he said the staff was.  Ohhhhhh, was about all i could say
at this point.  I asked if they were aware of her medical needs, the special
provisions that need to be met for her, etc?   He said yes of course they
were.  I said that is interesting and that no one had contacted me about what
her needs are.  I said in fairness to you Mr. Lamb I think you should be aware
that I have some issues that I want addressed.  He then said no problem they
can be added to the bottom of the paper and that if all present agree with
them it will be fine to add them to the IEP  (I could only shake my head in
amazement as I sat there looking at my 3 page list of what I expected from the

I find this unbelieveable that they are writing an IEP up for us without out
any input from her parents.    Just had to write and vent...

Sherri Lynn
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