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[IP] dahedi/continuous glucose monitor

Happy new year everyone!

I wonder if anyone could help me find out more information on a pump I had
not heard about from Europe, called Dahedi.  This is a Dutch company which
was purchased by Disetronic and I have heard that they make an insulin pump
that is smaller than both the Minimed and Disetronic pumps currently on the
market.  Has anyone heard of this?  Apparently it is to be approved by the
FDA shortly, but I wondered if anyone had seen it overseas.

I also wondered if anyone was planning on going to the Minimed panel meeting
for the continuous glucose monitor in Washington DC on February 26?  I would
love to meet more pumpers and may be going for my work.  Finally, if anyone
has any info on who is actually on the panel I would be very interested in
finding this out.

Thanks so much for your help.  Keep on pumping!

Kelly (pumping for six months today!)
email @ redacted

Kelly L. Shaughnessy
Merrill Lynch Fundamental Equity Research
(415) 274-8294
(415) 274-8255 (fax)

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