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Re: [IP] traveling

Hi Jul!

Last May-June my husband and I took a late honeymoon to Ireland and Wales with
stop in London.  Scotland is reputed to be "more civilized" than Ireland (???)
Anyway, procedures were no problem.  Airports are not much of a problem -- once
and a while they need to scan your pump but other wise no big deal.  B and B's
will generally refridgerate insulin for you. It wasn't much different than
travelling here except that the temperatures were milder than in much of the US
and the food, for me, was extremely high fat and high protein.  England and
Scotland are big on veggie food but it is very high fat.   Some of their food is
easier to calculate than the upscale mixed gourmet ethnic food -- i.e. Thai with
italian and mexican overtones -- we get here in the Bay Area -- though.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi All-
> I will be traveling to London and Scottland in Feb of this year.  Is there any
> problem with the airports out of the Country and the pump??  has anyone ever
> had a good or bad experience while traveling??
> Jul
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