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Re: [IP] traveling

> I will be traveling to London and Scottland in Feb of this year.  Is there any
> problem with the airports out of the Country and the pump??  has anyone ever
> had a good or bad experience while traveling??
> Jul


I fly in and out of the UK quite a lot, and there's nothing special to
report. Sometimes the pump sets off the alarm, and sometimes not.
Airport security staff are very professional and civilised. They know
what an insulin pump is.

I often get "special treatment" when my bag goes through the xray
machine though. But I carry so many odd bits of electrical gadgetry and
general iron mongery, it's hardly surprising. They once went
meticulously through my bag until they found a tuning fork (A=440) that
had slipped through a hole in the lining. I'd been looking for it for

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