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At 12:10 AM 1/7/1999  Ivelise Flores wrote:
>Thanks Sam
>there were times when I said, "If I ignore Diabetes long enough it will go
>away" well I spent 4 weeks in the hospital, and the worst part is I did it
>again. Now after,  ignoring and  hating Diabetes  I have decided to learn to
>live with it otherwise its die because of it. I don't want to die, so you
>know the answer. Thank you all so much!

Now that you've decided to be pro-active, and go on the pump, let us know
what we can do to help. Just remember that the pump by itself will not
solve any problems. It is just a tool that you can use to make your life
better. With proper motivation on your part, it can do wonders to make your
life much more flexible. So, prepare to work at it, once you get hooked up.
There's a lot of learning to do. And, you'll have lots of questions... just
don't be afraid to ask. Most of us here have been through it. 

(The only dumb question is the one that is never asked)

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