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Re: [IP] how to access member list/survey?

> How do I get to member list page and survey, etc.?  I'm obviously
> missing some of the boat here.  Also, can you explain the digest
> form to me -- may be a viable option vs. sloggin thru up to 50
> emails a day.

First, what's a digest?  It is a daily compendium of all the list 
messages in one large message. It is mailed to:

insulin-pumpers-digest list members

at least daily or when the message volume reaches 40,000 characters.

The survey data is displayed on the ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page of the 
web site, first button top left on the main site page. Everything 
that has been data reduced so far is their EXCEPT the OVER 29400 club 
information which is in the MEMBERS ONLY AREA

In the MEMBERS ONLY AREA you will find profile of ALL list members, 
the original digest volumes, browseable mail archives that appear as 
a news list and the Over 29,400 club listing showing those list 
members who been with the big 'D' for a long time and/or pumping for 
a very long time.

For all the list members missing the boat here, access to the MEMBERS 
ONLY area is quite simple.

With your web browser, go the to the Insulin Pumpers web site at:


The second button from the top left is labeled:


Click that button and read the instructions on the page. Clicking any 
of the buttons on the page except the Forget Password button wil 
result in a little window popping up on your screen requesting a user 
name and password.

Read the directions on the page before CLICKING and you will not have 
a problem accessing the restricted area. If you can not remember or 
figure out your user name and/or password, 

CLICK the FORGET PASSWORD button. A whole new browser window will pop 
up on your screen and ask you for your e-mail address. The browser 
will return your user name and password to your screen. You can then 
switch back to the original window and copy the information to the 
log in window and YOUR IN!!

If you really get stuck, E-mail HELP@insulin-pumpers.org for more 

Now for my little sales pitch.

Please, Please, Please --- if you have not yet filled out an Insulin 
Pumpers Information form, do so now. The buttons are in the members 
only access page or the ABOUT page.

The information you supply is kept confidential except as noted in 
the detailed explaination at the beginning of the form.

The information you provide will/does help everyone understand and 
deal with diabetes on a day to day basis. Some of it is darned 
interesting ---- look at the ABOUT page.

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/