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Re: [IP] Buttons that skip

That is one good thing about Desitronic even since i have a spare they
always had someone at my door the next morning at a time i say to pick up
the pump at their cost  (once both messed up at 9 that night and they had a
new one and picked the messed ones up by 9 the next morning less than 12
hours i had another pump amazing)

Brian Carter
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Date: Thursday, January 07, 1999 9:48 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Buttons that skip

>> Since MiniMed gives one pump.
>> If you return the pump for the skipped screen will they send one out
>> before you send it back or do you send it back and they send a new
>> pump out.? Will you go on injections until its done
>MiniMed's procedure is to send you a pump and return packaging by air
>freight. The expect to get the "unhappy" pump back within the week.
>Some time later, they will return the repaired/replaced pump in the
>same manner. The only hassle with this procedure is if you happen to
>kill your pump on Friday afternoon of a three day weekend (guess how
>I found out!!!!).
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