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[IP] The hardest diabetic company

I have come to find out that hte hardest company and some of the most vocal about by diabetes are the people i work with and those i go threw school (the nursing program) with.  I know this is mainly that they don't want me to be one of there patients.  One example it like this morning around 3 am (i usually hit a low that i feel around 4) i checked my BG and it was 74 (not bad) but they freaked when i went to the vending machine to get a Snickers, one of my common items to hold me until breakfast, i bet them that i would not go high, i took a little less insulin than would be required to stay the same, i checke dmy sugar an hour later and WHAT DO you know it was only 126 ha ha (i won a free breakfast).
another thing that happens is that they Blow things way out of proportion when i get a little low they start to scramble around like ants worrying (some do this not all) i laugh at them...
Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438