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[IP] Re:Diet Coke Issues

     Like Randall, over my 25 years with diabetes, I have also been served 
     "regular" (in whose terms?) soda from a fountain when I had asked for 
     "diet".  I can definitely taste the difference, but usually use a test 
     strip to confirm it.
     There can be many causes - some intentional and some not.  The crossed 
     syrup lines on fountain drinks are the usual cause, and just plain 
     forgetfulness by the counter staff comes next.  Intentional changes, 
     though, are totally inexcusable.
     Although a total fluke, I do have to pass on this story:  I did get 
     real Coke in a Diet Coke bottle one time in the Chicago area.  I 
     thought it tasted funny, and did a test on it.  Sure enough, it read 
     positive.  I called the local bottler and told them the story and that 
     I had diabetes, and received a call back from corporate in Atlanta 
     within about 15 minutes.  It seems that they actually had a recall of 
     the "tainted" product, but the stuff in our company cafeteria had 
     slipped by.  I got 2 cases of DC out of it (without asking), but the 
     moral of the story is -- if it tastes really different, check it or 
     chuck it!
     -David W.
     (Kasey - I loved Kayla's response to the nosey woman at McD's!  Your 
     daughter will go far......)
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