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Re: [IP] Re:Diet Coke Issues

Kayla: I have to admit that is the best response i have heard to date ha ha

taught that one lady a lesson.
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Date: Wednesday, January 06, 1999 6:45 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Re:Diet Coke Issues

>> As for the diet coke thing, I would think that with the excessive amount
>> sugar that all Americans (and Canadians) consume, that any individual
>> ordering a diet pop is not out of the ordinary.
>Too many people smirk when you are at a fast-food place and order a
>burger, fries, and diet coke.  They wonder if you really think that
>sugar-free drink is going to cancel out that greasy 1000+calorie meal
>you are going to consume.  Just today I took Kayla to get her hair cut,
>appointment ran late, so we stopped at McD's for a happy meal.  The
>lady, no not lady, woman behind us heard me order a diet drink and asked
>me if I was that health-conscious about my daughter not having sugar,
>why was I even in McDonalds.  Kayla piped right up and said, "It's
>because I have diabetes, duh," rolled her eyes and turned her back on
>the woman!  I just grinned!
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