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Re: [IP] Does saline sting?

the training wheels of my pump come off tomorrow and I have had stinging
with a bolus as small as 3U od saline... here's my thoughts... if you have
little subcutanious fat, there is little padding no matter how shallow you
place the syll, so the sting happens... I dropped a ton of weight from
riding the roller coaster and have noticed that when I'm able to gain a
pound or two, there is no sting, but if I've lost weight it stings...

can't wait for tomorrow!!!! had one hell of a crash last night 2 1/2 hours
after I shot up and ate supper... took over an hour to get the numbers not
to bounce between 21 and 88... then shot up to 335 at bedtime when all the
sugar I put in me finally kicked in... was thinking about getting myself
over to the hospital again... can't wait till tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Ellen B-C

"If you are a good economist, a virtuous economist, you are
reborn as a physicist. But if you are an evil, wicked
economist, you are reborn as a sociologist." --Paul Krugman

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