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Re: [IP] Type 2 and pumps

In a message dated 1/6/99 7:16:08 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< A guy with type 2 read my pump web page and is interested in going on a
 pump.  However, his doctor told him pumps are strictly for type 1, even
 though he is on 3-4 shots of R+UL a day. >>

Gee, those type 1s get to have *all* the fun! 

Who says pumps are only for type 1s? I'm a type 2 and *I'm* on a pump. Of
course, it took me six months to talk my endo into it. (His first response
was, "But you're a type 2.") I was on 5-6 shots of Humalog and NPH a day. IMO,
if you have diabetes and if you're taking insulin, it doesn't matter what
"type" you are. A pump offers a lot more freedom, flexibilty and control. 

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