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Re: [IP] Does saline sting?

At 03:43 PM 1/6/1999 John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote: 
> I have a friend whose 8 year old daughter is getting ready to go on an
> insulin pump.  She's wearing it now with saline during training (Disetronic,
> using Tenders) and complains that the boluses hurt, sometimes to the point
> she cries, but the sites aren't otherwise uncomfortable.  She wonders if that
> means the insulin will hurt.  My daughter says she can feel the insulin going
> in, more like a tingle, but it's never hurt unless the catheter was in
> muscle, then it hurt all the time.  So what's everyone else's experience?
> Does saline hurt more than insulin?

I tried saline before my pump was installed, and I don't recall any pain
associated with it at all. Any time I've had bolus pain, most of the time it
was because I inserted my Silhouettes at too steep an angle. They should really
be inserted at a shallow angle, not deep. Other situations may have been
because the spot that I used was too close to a nerve. I've found that if it is
uncomfortable while going in, it will probably be uncomfortable while it's
being used. So, if it hurts any after I get past the surface layer of skin, I
withdraw the needle and try it again in a slightly different location.


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