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Re: [IP] Re: one thing i think all need to do


Thanks for the camp update. It is a remarkable experience to work a diabetes
camp. I had the experience similar to yours last summer and it was tremendous
to share experiences with the kids and parents alike. It is so important for
the parents to gain the confidence in their children to live a normal life. To
be able to share the experiences to show a balance in your life with diabetes
is so rewarding to everyone at camp. I worked the ADA Sugar-Free camp in
Delaware. It was on the Chesapeake Bay and we were able to do many outdoor
activities and exercise. I gave a talk on exercise and the pump. The pump was
the most provocative subject and almost all the questions asked were in regard
to the pump. As kids gain access to information about the pump and see the
success of other children wearing the pump, you will see a much greater surge
by kids towards the pump. But, you are so right when you state how rewarding
and how desperately needed is the volunteer efforts at these diabetes camps.

Good Luck,

Bill King
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/