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Re: [IP] Does saline sting?

My observations about stinging:

For me, stinging during boluses is related to:

1) Infusion set is in too deep, hence, too close to muscle. With Tenders,
that may be caused by the set being inserted at too steep an angle, which
can result in it being too close to muscle. I check to make sure the set is
in a spot with an adequate amount of sub cutaneous tissue. Proximity to a
nerve can also cause this problem. I can control the angle, but I can't see
the nerves, so I take my chances with them ;-)

2) Type of insulin. Humalog stung *much* more frequently, with more
intensity, than Velosulin. Plain 'ol Regular (Humulin) stings seldom. The
times I do notice a sensation with Regular, it subsides quickly, and is of
much less intensity than Velosulin or Humalog.

I don't know if there's anything in the saline solution besides the saline
(some other preservative, perhaps?), but that's always a possibility.

Again, these are my observations, based on my limited experience. YMMV.

Bob Burnett

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