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[IP] Clip Case

I like the Clip Case somewhat.  I don't like the feel of
anything riding on my belt, and I have had it pop off when I
un-fasten the belt.  On the other hand, the buttons are
exposed for easier assess (the velcro on my leather cases
has worn out from having to open the case to reach the
buttons) and the case is more protective (perception).  As
for me, I need to find a place to either clip it, or to
return it to my pocket where the leather cases used to live.

<<For some reason, I received two in the mail last month.  I
used one clip
case for a couple of weeks.  IMO, the clip part is bulky and
extends above
the pump, causing irritation.  Horrors!  It doesn't hold
well.  My pump fell
off my belt a couple of times before I took off the clip and
placed it on my
water fountain as a decoration.  I'm back to using the
leather case.

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