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Re: [IP] Anyone else do this?

email @ redacted wrote:
> Just for the record, are the tenders really teflon?  I thought the cannula
> was polyurethane. 

No, it's definitely Teflon. I mold polyurethane every day at work and it
survive several days as the Teflon does, besides which it would likely have 
compatability problems in the body. Teflon is basically inert and has such 
a high melting temperature (about 800 F) that it won't break down in use.

 Teflon would be awfully soft for a cannula. 

That's why it has the introducer needle in it, to get it into the skin.
Try looking at the canula after removing it. It IS awfully soft, but such a
small diameter tube has a higher stiffness.

 The tubing
> is bi layer with polyolefin inside and polyurethane outside, but I don't
> think the cannula is bilayered.

No, Teflon canulas aren't bilayered, but they don't have to be becausee they are
inert and insulin doesn't affect them. But they can't be made clear, a good
feature of the tubing, and would be too fragile for outside use, and likely 
more expensve as well.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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