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Re: [IP] Type 2 and pumps

Terry Thomson wrote:
>  I just wanted to share with you that I
> personally am not classified as a true type "1" nor am I a true type II.   I take 5 500 mgm Metformin tablets daily as well as being
> on Velosulin Insulin  through a Disetronic pump.   I understand that there is quite a bit of talk around the benefits of "Type 2"
> diabetics benefiting from the pump because their bodies would be receiving insulin more often.    A lot of type 2 diabetics are very
> insulin resistant and the pump along with an oral medication like metformin may be the answer for a lot of people.   I know it
> worked for me.   I was taking 90 units of regular insulin a day (4 shots) and then using anywhere from 20-30 units of Lente at
> Bedtime.

Hi, Terry,

I'm just curious how old you were when diagnosed? Have you ever had a
C-Peptide test? Do you show ketones when you're ill, or haven't taken
enough insulin?

It IS possible for a Type 1 to be insulin-resistant -- there is nothing
about auto-immune diabetes that rules out the same genetic insulin
resistance that Type 2's show. 

I'm a Type 2 in that I do produce some of my own insulin, but I'm not
insulin-resistant -- DM is NOT associated with obesity in my family. So
that's why I call myself Type Weird!

I really wish more docs and CDE's would acknowledge that not all
diabetes falls into one of the two clearcut types -- there are those of
us out there that forgot to read the book when we developed diabetes!!!!

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