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Re: [IP] Type 2 and pumps

Janine Shea wrote:
> A guy with type 2 read my pump web page and is interested in going on a
> pump.  However, his doctor told him pumps are strictly for type 1, even
> though he is on 3-4 shots of R+UL a day.  I think there are some type 2
> pumpers out there so if anyone is willing to share their experiences, as
> well as the fact that pumps can be used for type 2, please e-mail me and I
> will pass everything along.

Well, the times, they are a-changing!!!

I'm sending this to the whole list, because I think it's useful
information, even for the Type 1's who may get asked about the pump by
Type 2's!

None less than Dr. Michael Pfeifer, the new editor of forecast, a fairly
newly diagnosed Type 2, said that if he needed insulin, he'd go on the

The current consensus is trending toward the idea that a pump would be
suitable for anyone on insulin, provided they were appropriate
candidates in all the other ways, like willingness to test, carb count,
calculate, etc. 

I know of at least 2 Type 2's on the pump, and I'm sure there will be
more as the years go by. 

This person's doc needs to get an education!!! He should contact the
pump companies, and other endos in other cities, as well as CDE's who
have had a lot of pump patients -- he'll find out!

Good luck to your friend!


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